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Social sustainability with environmental thinking

We at Pack & Montage AB always strive for the best for our employees. With good ventilation, a generally fresh and comfortable environment, we do what is required so that our competent staff can perform in the best way under good working conditions. 

Pack & Montage invests in employing people who, for various reasons, may have had difficulties in life. One track we follow is to believe in and see all people's talents and opportunities in working life, which has been a key in our business model. 


Pack & Montage works a lot with raw materials such as cardboard. It is an environmentally friendly packaging alternative that is made from renewable raw materials in the form of, among other things, cellulose. Extraction of this material is mostly produced from wood, which results in an environmentally friendly alternative with low greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Enabler of the Year

Pack & Montage can proudly present that we have been awarded ''Enabler of the Year'' in 2022 with a large social commitment with a focus on people as individuals. We always work with people at the center under goda working conditions and with the right resources. 

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